ReSet is originally a very old idea.

When Marcella Massa Rolandino was 15 years old she spent a weekend in the country. That weekend did her so much good that she thought it would be good for everyone to be able to spend time in the country and recharge their batteries by taking part in beneficial activities in the countryside.

Thirty years later and after spending many years looking for an appropriate location, we have bought this farm in the north of France and set up ReSet asbl. There we receive people active in the social and education sectors and everyone who supports them and us.

ReSet’s mission

ReSet is a non-profit-making NGO that offers overnight accommodation (in bedrooms and camping) to non-profit organizations, schools and youth movements, and also to individuals and companies..

Everybody can come to us for their own activities; for holidays, for training courses (under their own programmes or in collaboration with ReSet), seminars or a weekend with friends or any combination of those.

ReSet asks organizations to pay a part of the true cost. For the other part, it appeals to its network of private sponsors (private and commercial).

Those private sponsors become automatically sponsor of the stay of a non-profit organization, a school or a youth movement by booking a stay at ReSet for their own purposes (private or professional)

Those private sponsors can choose also for extra structural patronage to support and finance ReSets non-profit operations and development.


ReSet’s vision

What do we want to achieve? We ask every visitor that stays with ReSet to make a positive contribution to our initiative, to our website and to the various persons involved. Everyone is naturally well-intentioned, but at times it is hard to put that into action. ReSet can help you to do that. We offer people from very varied backgrounds the opportunity to exchange talents, abilities and needs, and to let their hearts speak while respecting diversity. The aim is therefore to contribute to harmonious cohabitation in society and the blossoming of every one of its members.


Our Belgian headquarters of ReSet vzw/asbl is located at Rue Roodenberg 13, 1160 Bruxelles. Our French headquarters of ReSet Association is located in our renovated farm, 2bis Hameau de Hennepieux, 02170 Leschelle.

In 2012 we bought our farm in the north of France. It is a charming, quiet little corner of Thiérache, in the department of Aisne, in Picardy. We have started the renovation work in 2017 after we have started our camping activities in the summer of 2016.

The renovation work were completed in 2018 and by january 2019 we have started our residential renting activities.


Who are the active people at asbl ReSet ?

  • Marcella Massa Rolandino, founder and treasurer;
  • Jos Roovers, founder and president;
  • Jarda Polacek, founder and secretary;
  • Eric Verstraeten, founder.
  • And also all those, near and far, who have added stones to the building …


Asbl ReSet vzw data


  • Company number Belgium : BE 0546.913.318
  • Triodos Bank (B) : IBAN BE69 5230 8067 5278
  • Belfius Bank (B) : IBAN BE81 0689 0488 3624

ReSet Association data


  • Company number France (SIRET) : 828011247 00024
  • TVA France : FR 38 828011247
  • Crédit Mutuel (FR) : IBAN FR76 1027 8026 9600 0202 6980 168

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