What can ReSet do for you

Schools and non-profit organizations

ReSet makes available its accommodation infrastructures, both for stays and training, at approximately half the true cost price.

ReSet enables you to organize workshops and training for your organization’s target groups and internal ones for your organization.

ReSet includes your organization in its network of participants.

ReSet helps you to organize your network organization and its financing by private partners.


ReSet provides an opportunity to take meaningful action to help schools and non-profit organizations or to support the general organization in accordance with its powers.

As a volunteer you are entitled to reductions when making reservations for private stays at Hennepieux (holiday house, camping or B&B).


Private persons

ReSet offers you the possibility to stay as a private person or a group at ReSet in Hennepieux (holiday house, B&B or camping). By making your own reservation you become automatically the sponsor of the stay of a non-profit organization or school or youth movement of your choice

ReSet allows you to join its support network.

You can also, after consultation and a familiarization phase, take part in the activities of schools and organizations working with ReSet.

You can additionally sponsor ReSet and its non-profit operation by personal donations.



ReSet offers your company the possibility to use the ReSet infrastructures for your professional purposes (meetings, seminars or training sessions). By booking, your company becomes automatically the direct sponsor of the stay of a non-profit organisation, a school or a youth movement of your choice that has made a reservation at ReSet.

ReSet allows your firm to join its support network as a direct sponsor or a structural sponsor (3 packages); your firm’s name and logo will appear on ReSet’s website. You can offer additional and personal sponsorship to ReSet and its non-profit activities.

ReSet offers your firm the possibility of getting involved on a social level and thus responding to the community’s and the education system’s expectations. If your firm so requests, and in consultation with it, ReSet also enables you to publicize its social commitments.

ReSet also enables your company to give concrete form to its social commitment by offering your employees the possibility of applying their abilities in the service of ReSet itself and of the target groups as volunteers..

For further information concerning forms of patronage: see the form for contact and meeting with the directors of ReSet.



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