What can you do for ReSet?


Volunteers can invest their time and their abilities. There are many tasks connected with stays by groups on our site (for example, in a team of cooks or monitors) or in connection with ReSet’s general organization (for example, the maintenance of the estate, the application of personal abilities, support with communications, etc.).

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Teachers can apply their abilities in the context of workshops or training aimed at target groups.

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Private persons

Private persons can provide financial or structural support for stays of non-profit organizations, schools and youth movements and their activities, by booking their own private stay at ReSet.

Are you interested? See the contact form and/or go to the page “Calendar”, where you can find the groups that made a reservation.



Companies sponsors can provide financial or structural support for stays and activities of non-profit organizations, schools or youth movements, by booking their own professional stay at ReSet.

In addition, sponsoring firms can have their employees involved for a day as volunteers in agreement with ReSet during a stay of a non-profit organization or a school group, or put their abilities at the disposal of ReSet. This has to be set up in close collaboration with ReSet so that each party derives maximum benefit!

Sponsoring firms can give ReSet’s administration and management the benefit of their professional experience available.


Schools and non-profit organizations

Schools and non-profit organizations can arrange to leave contributions at the end of a stay for the benefit of the next visitors. That can be a practical contribution (such as participation in a (small) building site) or simply showing respect for the estate and the environment.


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